Car Insurance for the Over 50’s

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car insurance over 50

More than 20 million people, around 1/3 of the population, are age 50 or over. These people will constitute over half the world’s population by 2020. Average disposable income among adults with grown children is around £15,500 a year, and research shows that 50 to 69-year olds take an impressive four to six holidays in a year. Yet financial services companies have been a tad slow in providing products tailored to this sector.

Age Concern, Saga and insurer RIAS all offer specialist products to older people. But are they necessarily the best value? Many of the older clients are not being offered the best choice from the companies who target the 50+ and retirees. They are not being offered the best deal and should not restrict themselves. If they shopped around, they could find better rates elsewhere.


By going to insurance companies specializing with the 50+ age, does not guarantee cheaper premiums. The companies involved do not claim to be just competing on price.

Saga say they are aware they’re not the cheapest, but that they aim to compete with good service and support. They feel that older drivers know what good and bad service is, and that their customers in this age group are likely to be more demanding about it.

Research shows the Saga policy is tailored towards their Saga customers – a group of people who often travel to Europe. It therefore allows unlimited European travel. Most policies only cover the client for a set period (30 or 90 days for example) in Europe annually. Why pay extra for something you do not need?

David Douce is co-founder of, a website gateway to all types of concessions for the 50+ people. From his research he found shopping around for price and features is not easy and feels there is not one, cheapest supplier of insurance for the 50+ crowd.

Why is age so important in premiums?

With petroleum prices shooting up, plus the increasing car prices, hardest hit will be the 50+ who represent 2/3rds of private car owners. Therefore it is even more important – vital in fact – to shop around for the best insurance deal.
Unlike younger travellers, the over-50s car-owners have a much greater choice. Motorists of 50-60 can often get much cheaper deals than motorists in other age groups. This is because they are usually more experienced drivers, and also they’re deemed to be more responsible than younger drivers. If retired, they use fewer miles.

Reach the late 60s and premiums do start rising. The late 60s group are most likely to be accident prone. In reality, each insurance policy will depend on each individual’s capability, rather than simply their age.

Contrary to popular stereotypes, statistical evidence shows that more mature drivers are actually the least likely of all types of driver to be involved in road accidents. But, even though some insurers regard older drivers as high risk, other insurers are targeting this age group with low premiums!

No upper age limit on policies

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· Help the Aged
· Cornhill Direct
· NatWest

No age limit for existing customers

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· Eagle Star
· Esure
· Halifax
· Liverpool Victoria
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· RAC Insure
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Cut-off age of 80

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