Car Insurance – Are You Adequately Insured?

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Drive Car InsuranceMany drivers on the roads are not fully covered, according to a survey recorded in the UK. The main reason is drivers not telling their car insurance companies of any changes that have been made with their car. In this survey, it was found that drivers were unaware they needed to tell their insurance companies of any changes.

For all the young drivers that like to add effects to their vehicles, everything that is added should be reported to the insurance company. For example, if a rear wing (spoiler) is added, a supercharger, or headlight covers, the insurance companies need to know these things. If the insurance companies are not informed, they have the rights to drop the driver as a customer due to the policy not being valid. Of the drivers that knew they were required to tell the insurance companies, 1/3rd said they would not tell due to the price increase on their premiums.

To some people, their car is their life! Any modifications made to their car is a reflection of their personality and by not reporting the added effects, no claims will be paid if something happens. Many driver’s spend a lot of money and time on there vehicle and if it gets damaged without the insurance company knowing of their modifications, the driver will not be able to be paid from the insurance companies for the money spent fixing the damages.

Drivers of vans and business cars must have the minimum third party car insurance to be able to drive in the UK. This coverage covers the vehicle driven and any injury or damage to anyone but yourself. Do not be caught with inadequate or no insurance coverage. The consequences are serious and expensive, and can destroy your financial well being.

The more coverage; the more money for the policy. This is a known fact when shopping around for adequate insurance coverage. A business vehicle should be told to the insurance company for what purpose. For example, a salesperson could be driving around everyday to many different places, or it could be transportation business where the worker drives back and forth all day to the same buildings, the insurance companies need to know this so they can charge accordingly. As well, the make of vehicle needs to be told so it can be insured properly. Whichever the vehicle you drive, for whatever reason, it is important to have the proper insurance when driving in the UK.

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