What is Bump and Run?

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What is Bump and Run

Have you been the perpetrator or been the victim of what is known as “Bump and Run”. Let me explain for those who are not common with the term. “Bump and Run” is when you may be reversing into a car parking space at the supermarket of pulling out from behind another parked car in the street and hitting or clipping the car. On each occasion you realise what you have done and decide to take evasive action and simply drive off.

Well a survey carried out by car insurance firm Churchill, came up with statistics that doesn’t make good reading and makes you despair about the amount of drivers who commit this offence and believe me it is an offence, who don’t even give what they have done a second thought and it’ the done thing.

Well Churchill car insurance, found through the survey carried out that 2 in 5 people have committed this crime, that’s forty percent of the driving public.

Of this forty percent, a quarter of those don’t even think what they have done is any big problem and don’t even give it a second thought as they drive off into the sunset.

Some though do have a conscience and actually get out of the car to check to see if there is any damage, though one fifth of those spot that there is no viable damage after a quick look, jump back in the saddle and then drive off.

I witnessed this myself recently in a large shopping complex, though I never actually saw the car reverse from the parking bay that it was in and prang the car across from it and then drove off, another customer who was parked near the hit car saw everything and took the registration number of the offending driver.

Now this driver didn’t just bump the bumper of the other car, he hit and smashed the tail light of the car and without further ado and with no damage to his car, drove off leaving some other driver to pay for and claim their car insurance and possibly losing their no claims entitlement, all because someone cant face up to being responsible for their actions.

Though this driver was lucky and someone had the quick thinking of noting the other drivers number, many aren’t so lucky, but with so many shopping centres and retail complexes now having CCTV everywhere in their car parks, the chances are that even though the driver thinks that they maybe getting away with it, the CCTV may catch them out and will lead to their car insurance being claimed and not your own.

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