A Guide 4×4 Car Insurance

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4x4 car insurance

By driving a larger vehicle than a car, insurance premiums can be drastically more than a car – and in some instances up to a fifth more! 4×4 vehicles make premiums rise as a rule, but by shopping around, drivers can possibly save 40{e83fae05fd8664706586e01d5e99990feb730e6d7f32baf0caf03afa1f132bf5} on their premiums. These larger vehicles have become the ultimate family vehicle of choice in the past few years. The bigger the families grow, the larger the vehicles become, and car sharing for school runs etc has become a UK way of life.

When shopping around for car insurance for 4×4 vehicles, have the following factors in mind:
-Premiums can be lowered 12-15{e83fae05fd8664706586e01d5e99990feb730e6d7f32baf0caf03afa1f132bf5} by adding an older driver onto the policy as opposed to a younger one
-Only using the 4×4 on weekends and keeping the mileage low can reduce the premium by around 15{e83fae05fd8664706586e01d5e99990feb730e6d7f32baf0caf03afa1f132bf5} – not much use for school runs though!
-Pay a higher excess in the event of a claim and your premium naturally rewdices because you share the risk with the insurance company.
-Married couples can save as 4×4 policies can be cheaper for married people.

Many car manufacturers like Mercedes, BMW, and Volkswagen have jumped on the bandwagon and joined the big car trend. Many parents feel the more room they have; the easier it is to transport their children. It’s easy to see why popularity has risen. The prices of these 4×4 vehicles have become affordable as an alternative for many families who were buying larger cars for their growing families. Car manufacturers began marketing to this lifestyle and made the purchase price similar to some cars.

Most of these 4×4 vehicles are never driven off road; they are simply driven around like normal cars. But car insurance companies still classify 4×4 vehicles in the higher insurance group because of their off-road capability, and premiums are still higher than most cars. The other difference is the expense of petrol or diesel, andif the vehicle should get damaged, the price to fix some of these higher-end vehicles can be costly.

Some models can cost in the thousands to repair a damaged vehicle,and this also is considered and factored in to the insurance quotes you will be given. Many luxury models come with a GPS or navigation system and satellite radio asan option; luxury extras are all very well but if this technology breaks, the cost to repair also gets averaged into the premium.

Just as with regular cars, to lower the price you need to pay, the use of devices such as car alarms, immobilizers, and tracking systems all give discounts on the premium. Where the 4×4 is stored, occupation, driving record etc all help in determining a quote. Always shop around to find the best policy that meets your individual needs.